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Our Committment.

At Sambro Fisheries we are committed to the health of our oceans and the fish that live in them. We know from experience that ocean resources are finite, and that unrestricted, unregulated exploitation of those resources is a recipe for disaster. Simply put, sustainable fishing reduces bycatch and protects stocks, which results in exceptional seafood and healthier oceans. We work closely with the Marine Stewardship Council and are MSC certified to help achieve our commitment to providing quality sustainable seafood products. We understand that by supporting and protecting local fisheries now, we help ensure their sustainably for future generations. As a company directly involved within the fishing sector, we know how much we rely on a plentiful and healthy source of fish stocks in our oceans. As a result, Sambro Fisheries Ltd., ensures that all of our products abide by all governmental fishing regulations. Sambro Fisheries Ltd. believes in a responsible and sustainable fishery.